My name is Patrice Bouffard, I am a French-Canadian living permanently on the island. I have discovered Roatan through Diving Packages from a Canadian airliner’s website. I have quickly fallen in love with the rich culture of this paradise that has so much more to offer. Roatan is a true pristine jewel when it come to diving and snorkeling, because it is exceptionally close to the reef. So please come dive with me.

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It has 154 km (95.7 mi) of Coastline surrounded by the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef which can be accessed from the shore in West Bay, Fantasy Island about 5 meters away from the beach. It has a length of 59 km (36.7 mi) & a width 8 km (5 mi). Its highest point is 221 m (725.1 ft) So whatever you are doing you are going to see the sea,

Such a proximity to such a huge coastal reef is a true treasure and a gift of nature. It is almost impossible to encounter this randomly it would take a lifetime of travelling errantly. The most popular places in the world are not comparable to what Roatan has to offer in term of Reef proximity.

Therefore, when it comes to diving this place is Unique and certainly worth a visit and who knows you might end up like many of us, becoming local here on this thriving island paradise!

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